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Your friendly administrators and moderators work hard to keep WordPress documentation in tip-top shape. And unlike many teams, this is one anyone can join!

If you add yourself to the list, be sure to subscribe to the documentation mailing list as well. Please refer to Contributing to Codex to see how you can get started with helping this documentation process.

If you coordinate (or would like to) a specific area of the Codex or have a particular expertise related to WordPress and the Codex, please list that, too.


The Team

The following list serves to identify people involved with the Codex, and their interests, or areas of speciality, so to speak. If you have questions about contributing to a particular section, please feel free to contact one of the Admins, or Contributors currently interested in that section. If you have difficulty locating someone for your section, list yourself, and contact an Admin if you have any questions.


Contact any of these folks if you are facing technical problems with the Codex, Admins should be authorative, e.g. if you need a definite answers to something:


Contact any of these folks if you are facing technical problems with the Codex. Not all might be able to help with administrative questions:


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