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(สร้างหน้าใหม่: Note: This feature was [http://wordpress.jdwebdev.com/blog/features-removed-in-25/ removed from WordPress 2.5], and was replaced in WordPress 2.6 with the [...)
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Note: This feature was removed from WordPress 2.5, and was replaced in WordPress 2.6 with the Press This function.

You are pouring over your feeds, viewing a website with an article or story that catches your eye, and you want to share that information with your WordPress site viewers. A quick trick is to use the WordPress Press It feature.

WordPress makes it easy to quickly add links and information to your site through the use of a bookmarklet called Press It. A bookmarklet looks like a link in your Favorites, Bookmarks, or Links list but it is much more powerful. It adds the capability to quickly create WordPress post entries on the fly while working on the Internet.

If you find something of interest on the Internet, you can click the Press It link and a window with your site's Administration Write Post panel will popup with the page you are viewing listed as a link. You can then write about the page, assign a category, and add any other information and then press Save and it will be immediately posted on your WordPress site.

The Press It bookmarklet is found at the bottom of the Write Posts panel. Drag and drop it onto your

Favorites, Bookmarks, or Links list or toolbar.

To activate, simply click on the "Press It" bookmarklet link. A window will open with the URI of the current site displayed, and the site's title as your post title.

The link is Javascript, and its form is:

<a href="javascript:Q='';if(top.frames.length==0)Q=document.selection.createRange()
.text;void (btw=window.open ('$SiteURL/wp-admin/bookmarklet.php?text='+escape(Q)+
'&popupurl='+escape (location.href)+'&popuptitle='+escape(document.title),'bookmarklet'
Press it - $SiteName</a>

$SiteName is the name of the installation, $SiteURL is the installation directory.

Give it a try. It's really easy, and makes blogging and adding information to your WordPress site fast and easy.

รับข้อมูลจาก "http://codex.wordthai.com/Press_It"